Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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  • The Worlds Toughest & Most Secure Mobile Phone

    Strong and Secure LTE Smartphone changing the mobile market for the better. Read More +
  • IBM PureSystems

    Solutions Provider
  • Voice Biometrics

    Security and Fraud Protection
  • Voice Verification

    For Password Reset, Authentication, ID and V and secure File Access
  • Mobile Applications

    For Secure Payment Authorisation, Fraud Prevention, Geo - Location, Welfare Management, Single Sign-On and Facial Recognition
  • Secure Entry Systems

    For Key Markets
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VoiceSecure came out of incubation in January,2012 to start trading officially.The company had previously worked closely with University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Communications Interface Research (CCIR) headed up Professor Mervyn Jack. CCIR was used by a number of large institutions, including Lloyds Banking Group. VoiceSecure worked with CCIR and such institutions in the development and testing of voice security and authentication solutions for Identity and Verification, Mobile Phone Banking and developed software that both interfaced to voice biometric engines but also evaluated performance, accuracy, anti-spoofing techniques for best customer experience, optimised performance, call flow design with real customers and fraud prevention.

The core of the business is the VoiceSecure Solutions Centre, which allows for the rapid deployment of cloud based Voice Biometric Technologies into useful, real and robust business solutions. These solutions reduce fraud, reduce Agent Handling Time (AHT) and deliver customer delight.


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